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Areas Of Expertise


ERP software implementation, cost effective and budget friendly packages, incorporation of operational processes that be quantified and scaled to changing environments, risk assessment and anomaly detection in a process and fixing of failed ERP implementations are some of our areas of service.Our holistic approach to integrate system processes aligned to business process for maximum output with a tangible framework ensure practices and principles necessary for ERP success. Join us in the new revolution of giving your business a customised ERP service and harness maximum benefit from your business.


With e-Commerce dealing with diverse platforms of business, we render our services as a strategy consultant for IT services and its deployment. Devising business strategies, planning, optimisation of operational aspects, etc. are our steps to achieve a highly effective business plan.

Digital transformation, process re-designs, value based solutions, revenue cycle management and seamless integration of complex financial ecosystems with simplified user interface are some of our methods to achieve a clean working business plan.


Simplification of complex banking processes like payment transformations, loans organising and processing, product design, core banking activity transformation with necessary regulatory compliance for security, etc. enables business transactions to be devoid of any latency, system hindrances and snags.

We provide real time monitoring and assessment of issues for complex banking problems and its counter solutions so as to ensure a process fulfils the needs of our clients. Taking a step further we integrate mobile and digital transformations services for our customers to enjoy the best technologies in the industry for a hassle-free transaction.


Mission critical activities in the sector of healthcare are monitored by our services with a timely response plan for every predictable environment. We ensure the availability of full system potential for health intelligence and analytics, investigative services, clinical data integration, patient access, remittance, claims management, etc. to ensure the best service is rendered to a business process.

With the future holding the possibility of automation, healthcare division stands to be revolutionised with services and solutions enabling new businesses to build foundational infrastructure with real time relay of information on social media, mobile apps, data analytics and Cloud platforms. Partner with us to ensure your healthcare business becomes a state-of-art centre of business activity with our IT solutions. 

Manufacturing Engineering

Internal system upgrades to augment manufacturing process-uptime becomes easy with our expertise in providing operational insights for you current business processes. Our knowledge extends to provide services related to the formation of integrated supply chain ecosystems, mass customization, feedback on customer experience, leveraging the full potential of data, insights and information, etc. to prepare your business for the worst market conditions and demands.

With the future becoming data-driven, manufacturing process are bound to be automated like never before. We have working knowledge of these evolving autonomous systems that can help you integrate new technologies with minimum investments.


Digital transformation on the retail end with real time analytics can augment the user-end experience of an application facing the market drastically. Advayas Tech Solutions can render seamless integrations of technology with retail transaction methods helping customers make an informed decision and gain maximum value for the money they spend.

With such a strategy, traditional retailers can gain the benefit of trust in market and upgrade to the position of digital merchandisers leading to an instant business transaction between B2C markets.

Entertainment industry

Ensuring digital distribution and maximizing new revenue streams with versatile digital media enterprise solutions, we aim to provide a blend of strategic, cost effective solutions that are customised and strategically allocated to facilitate maximum returns from a digital media platform.

Transition from traditional media to a digitally equipped platform helps to integrate and manage content and data for marketing products. Simplified UI and direct-customer solutions using content management platforms, back and front office operations that help with procurement, poadcasting, marketing and sale of new products using our IT services are our forte.
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